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Shopping online on Feelingirldress

Because of this damn virus, I’m locked in the house. But I don’t give up and do my online shopping.

In this post, I want to tell you about an online fashion store that I discovered while surfing the web. The store in question is called Feelingirldress: has many clothing items for us women, from dresses to skirts, from jackets to cheap womens winter coats, from sweaters to cardigans.

Currently, always staying at home, I am interested in looking for comfortable but equally beautiful clothing.

As this is everyone’s problem, I highly recommend you take a look at this shop. Feelingirldress offers many trendy clothing items at very low prices. But now let’s move on to my shopping. I state that I wanted to take everything and more, but I had to hold back. I show you everything that struck me most.

Pink long sleeve coat with thigh lacing, fabulous fit

A beautiful cardigan of a deep pink, very warm and very soft. Perfect are not for going out but also for staying indoors. It is super soft and comfortable.

Funny black elastic waist athletic pants pockets women latest clothes

On this site, there is a large section ranging from leggins to wholesale womens jeans

It is very comfortable trousers / leggings. But it’s not the usual leggins or the usual gym suit. It is very nice to wear with the pink cardigan too.

Versatile khaki solid color coat Queen Size On-Trend Fashion

This is my favorite piece. It’s kind of a shorter teddy. It is super warm and super soft. I love it. I would also wear it to sleep. And did you already know this online store? What have you bought?

Be sure to check out Feelingirldress black friday 2020 for discounts and sales.

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BerryLook Women's Maxi Dresses

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  1. Ada

    Mai sentito parlare di questo eshop

  2. Club Delle Bellezze

    Grazie mille tesoro

  3. Club Delle Bellezze

    È un bellissimo sito. Dai un’occhiata

  4. Anna

    Bellissimo il cardigan. Io amo il rosa

  5. Vale

    Vado a vedere subito. Io amo fare lo shopping online

  6. Antonietta

    Ma il teddy è stupendo. Sarà sicuramente super caldo

  7. Giovanna

    Wow. Grazie mille per averci fatto conoscere un nuovo sito per lo shopping frenetico

  8. Serena

    Sono bellissime le cose che hai scelto

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