How does Lolita girl choose the perfect Petticoat?

Welcome to the ultimate guide for choosing the best petticoat.

Here you will find out what petticoat is more suitable to which type of dress.

First, you will read about the importance and need of petticoats.

Followed by the most common types of petticoats and dresses you can wear with them.

I hope you will get the answer to each of your question related to petticoats in this article.

A petticoat is a fluffy underskirt made of soft fabric. It consists of many layers and can be found in various shapes based on the requirement of the dresses. Girls mostly wear petticoats under wedding dresses and skirts to have a puffy look.

However, you must choose wisely. Petticoat is also not necessary with every skirt. Even a false type of petticoat can ruin the look of your beautiful dress as a whole. Let me explain this to you with the following simple examples.
Let us start with the fish-bone petticoats. These are made of steel rings inside the fabric. It is in the shape of a birdcage. The picture given below is a fish-bone petticoat with non-adjustable length, so keep in mind the length of your skirt before you buy it.



This will give you a four layered support and will make the skirt perfectly fluffy. It is available in black and white colors.

You can buy it from

Are you confused about what sort of skirts to wear with them? Let me resolve this problem for you. The four layered steel ring petticoat will give a perfect look to the skirt in the picture below. It will look awkward if the petticoat is visible under the skirt. So make sure to keep the length of your skirt slightly more than the length of the petticoat.


You can buy this fabulous skirt by clicking the link:
You may have in mind that will you need to purchase different petticoat for each skirt you buy? Certainly not. There are fish-bone petticoats available with adjustable diameter to fit your various Lolita dresses.

One can be seen in the picture below:


This diameter adjustable petticoat is available in both black and white colors. You can shop it from
Remember that, the diameter is adjustable, not the length. So order wisely. You can wear the skirt in the picture below with this petticoat.


You can order it from
You may wonder why I made this recommendation with the diameter adjustable petticoat? The answer is straightforward.

This fabulous skirt is simple with the same print all around yet it looks elegant. You can wear it at work and at a party too.

All that requires to be adjusted is the diameter of the petticoat. You can wear it with a broader diameter at a party, but you will surely want it to look less fluffy at the office. Because you will not want the skirt to touch your face when you sit, because it is steel wired.

You know what the best part is? You can go to the party directly from the office wearing this skirt with the diameter adjustable petticoat. You will only need to adjust the diameter, and you are all set to rock the party.
Next are the guaze petticoats. They are made up of multilayered fabric and are wireless. All the fluff given to the dresses is only due to many layers of the petticoat. Although it does not give the skirt the look of a birdcage but it is mostly preferred by Lolita girls. A short length guaze petticoat can be seen in the picture given below.



This chiffon petticoat is available in both black and white colors. It gives your skirt natural fluff. You can buy it from
You will now be thinking of skirts to wear with it, right? The most suitable is the low length skirts which look fluffy itself. Although they can shrink ruining the whole good look of yourself. So you need to support this fluff with a petticoat.

Here is a skirt in the picture below:


This chiffon skirt will shrink to the body if there is no petticoat. But it will look perfect with a short length guaze petticoat.

You can buy it by clicking on this link:
Another example is cotton skirts. They don’t look fluffy until they are multilayered or you wear the petticoat.


Imagine the skirt in the picture below without petticoat.

Surely your imagination of this skirt without a petticoat will be a disaster. So I suggest buying a short length guaze petticoat with it. You can buy this skirt at
The best thing is that guaze petticoats can go with any of your skirts of short length. So you must have one. With that, you must also have a long length guaze petticoat. They are multilayered and of full length. Mostly used with wedding dresses. See how they look like in the picture below:


This petticoat is available in white color. You can have it with tail style or simply the round one as per your costume demand. You can buy it from
Is it only suitable for the wedding dress? What will I do it after my wedding? These are some common questions you will want me to answer now.

So first have a look at the dress below:


You might wear dresses like this at your best friend’s wedding or some other party. So, you will be needing a guaze petticoat to wear with it.

Here your petticoat purchased for the wedding dress will save your money.
I have talked about petticoats too much that I wonder you will wear it even it is not needed. Ask for the recommendation to use a petticoat or not from the designer you buy skirt from. Also, ask for the recommended type of petticoat. If you have not done this, don’t worry.

When you wear a skirt or a fluffy outfit be in front of the mirror for a few minutes. See if it is looking okay without the petticoat and all the designs and patterns are visible.

If both questions answer yes, don’t wear it. If any of it answers no, wear it. Wishing you happy dressing.


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